Looking for Home Remodeling Services in Aurora, CO?

Breathe new life into your aging home

Freshen up your home with a remodel by Sierra Construction Inc. We offer interior and exterior remodels on any scale. Your total satisfaction is our goal, and your dreams are our work orders. We won’t overlook the smallest detail.

Call us now if you want to redo one room, five rooms or your entire house.

We offer commercial remodeling services to Aurora, CO business owners

Commercial properties need remodels for the same reasons single-family homes do: the building no longer meets its occupants’ needs. If your business isn’t as efficient as it was when you started, Sierra Construction of Aurora, CO can help. We’ll work with you to re-structure your building’s interior and refresh its exterior. We can:

Tear down and build walls

Repaint and re-tile

Replace or add new windows

We offer a one-year warranty on our remodeling services, so you can move forward with confidence. Call us today for a free home remodeling estimate.